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Is one of the top strategic advisors in biotechnology and other life sciences. It has a team of experts who work in all major biotech industries all across the globe.

They have a reputation for providing valuable biopharma advising to their clients to create a lasting value and solve complex issues. More so, they also provide expert advice in creating winning strategies so that their clients will remain relevant and dynamic in the ever-changing biotech and life sciences landscape.


Idea Innovative

Start-up Strategy

Developing a strong business plan to attract investor funding

Impact Investing

Impact Investing

Creating social and environmental solutions with great financial returns

Partnership Public and Private

Public-Private Partnerships

Creating a strategy to forge meaningful partnerships with the public and government sector

Growing Trends and Opportunities in Biopharma And Life Sciences

Like all its life sciences cousins, the biopharma sector is also highly regulated; thus, change generally comes very slowly. Despite the speed, it is showing a lot of opportunities as new trends continue to spring up.

One of these trends is the development of biosimilars, which are becoming a big thing not only in the biopharma sector but with Big Pharma as well. A lot of big pharmaceutical companies have piped in millions of dollars to fund much smaller biopharma companies that are producing these biosimilars.

Biosimilars are less costly versions of biologics, drugs which are used to treat a number of diseases, such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, anemia, and diabetes. Biosimilars are different from generic drugs because they are not exact copies of the expensive versions.

With such innovations, many new players from all over the world are joining, making the biopharma industry bigger and much more competitive.

Enhancing Business Performance and Investor Education

The biopharma industry can be quite confusing to investors since it is also a relatively new market. However, Lifesci Advisory Services has a two-way approach to ensure an optimum result in every project they put their hands into. First, they help life sciences companies enhance their business performance and increase their visibility in the investment community. Second, they educate investors about the opportunity they have in the biotech industry. They do this by employing different strategies, such as:

  • Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) Events: They host Key Opinion Leader events for their clients. Such events include investor only meetings, in-person meetings featuring the key people in the healthcare industry, and teleconference calls that discuss catalyst events in life sciences.
  • Equity Research: Lifesci Advisory Services conduct in-depth equity research on a number of life sciences companies. The team also creates detailed initiation reports and provides continuous coverage support, which includes advances in the scientific and corporate sectors.
  • Corporate Communications: The team of experts helps biotech companies develop an investment thesis and an effective corporate presentation that highlights the key messages for investors. This strategy also includes writing news and PR releases as well as call scripts.
  • Capital Markets Advisory: Lifesci Advisory Services has an extensive experience in capital markets transactions and the investment banking community of life sciences. Through this service, clients make informed capital markets decisions.


If you are an investor looking for opportunities in the life sciences sector, Lifesci can give you all the information you need whether it be in biotechnology, biopharma, healthcare, or microbiology.
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