Impact Investing

Impact Investing

The world is constantly changing – that’s a fact – and so are the processes in every aspect of life. One of the biggest changes that have been creating quite a stir for some time is impact investing, a type of investment that aims to make the environment a better place while getting some profit from it.

The idea somehow seems preposterous and impossible. Can someone be socially or environmentally responsible while generating a profit from it? Or someone who’s after wealth really cares about the environment we live in?

However, as multi-million companies become more aware of how we, human beings, are destroying the world we live in, they began using their wealth and influence to undo the damage that has been done; thus, impact investing was born.

Impact Investment to Business

Addressing Problems with Profit in Mind

Social and environmental solutions with great financial returns

Most of the impact investors put their money on companies that try to address some of the most pressing issues and challenges in the world today. With this flow of cash into more environment-friendly and socially responsible ventures that have the potential to make money in the future, impact investors are also changing mindsets that say only philanthropic causes can address social and environmental issues.

The most common sectors with the most impact investors are:

  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Renewable Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Microfinance
  • Accessible and Affordable Services
  • Education

Making an Impact with Biotechnology

Aside from the sectors mentioned above, biotechnology holds a lot of promise in terms of changing the world to a better place. Below are some examples of how biotechnology can make lives better.

  1. Eliminate waste with zero-waste bioprocessing
  2. Increase and improve food production through genetic engineering.
  3. Creating new body organs through regenerative medicine
  4. Creating new medicines and vaccines that treat a broader set of diseases.
  5. Rapid identification of biological threats and creation of cures which are then produced globally
  6. Improved healthcare through genome sequencing
  7. Converting carbon dioxide to energy
  8. Bioprocessing seawater and turn it into fuel and chemicals
  9. Restoring the viability of our land and water resources through biotechnological processes
Biotechnology Laboratory

Biotech Investing is the Future

With all the promise biotechnology holds for making the future much better, it is not a surprise that a lot of impact investors are also into biotech investing. Aside from the positive impact biotechnology has on humans, it also shows huge promise on its financial aspect beckoning more and more big companies to invest heavily in biotech startups.

Just how big biotech is going to be in the future?

Deloitte projected that the sales of biotech drugs will reach $445 billion in 2019. Although the pharmaceutical industry is still way ahead of biotech companies, the US Department of Commerce explained that the line between biotech and pharmaceutical is becoming thinner and thinner.

As a biotech startup, there’s a lot of great potential for growth in every aspect. However, an idea is nothing without the right funding. Lifesci Advisors can help startups come up with a strategy to attract biotech investors who will invest in your company and bring it to the next level.

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