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New drugs are being developed in small and independent biotech labs these days causing a major shift in the biotechnology industry. Big pharmaceutical companies are taking notice of the growing influence of these biotech start-ups that they have begun to invest heavily in them. However, the road to getting noticed and have the initial funding you need for research and development is full of challenges

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Building a Smart and Strong Business Plan

Lifesci Advisor believes that for any pharmaceutical startup to impress the investors for funding, they need to have a strong business plan, and this is where they come in. With decades of experience in the biotechnology industry, they have developed a strong and time-tested business plan to bring your pharmaceutical startup in a place where investors will notice them.

You Have the Science, They Have the Strategy

Pharmaceutical startups have gained traction and attracted the big players because of their aggressive push toward innovation. In fact, these startups have been the ones that developed innovative drugs and treatment especially for the underserved, such as those who are suffering from rare diseases.

Lifesci Advisor deeply respects that brilliance and innovative spirit. But they also understand that despite that brilliance, a lot of these pharmaceutical startups need the guidance of business strategists to fully bring that vision to a complete realization.

That’s why Lifesci Advisor wants you to focus on what you do best – research and innovation – while they also do our best: start-up strategy. By combining them together, they are confident that you can do great things to touch the lives of other people.

Pharmaceutical Business Strategy

Our Commitment to the Strategy

Lifesci Advisor does not just aim to act as consultants and strategists to bring pharmaceutical start-ups to the next level but they want to be partners. This means understanding the vision and goals you have in order to create a strategy that is unique to your business. They will make sure that you arrive at each segment of your start-up journey on time.

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Building the Start-up Strategy

Lifesci Advisor has observed over the years that for the business plan of a pharmaceutical start-up to become strong, it needs to contain 5 important factors. And these factors are what Lifesci Advisor brings to every pharmaceutical start-up they’ve worked with.


Market Opportunity

Studies have shown that investors will likely invest in a pharmaceutical start-up which has a growth potential that can exceed more than $100 million. The figure sounds impossible but the start-up strategy to beat this challenge is to create a product that has very few competition, not a lot of solutions available for that certain disease, and the type of disease it claims to cure.


Patent Portfolio

Patents are what give any company the legal monopoly for that certain product. By securing a patent portfolio that shows nothing similar to the product you’ve developed will come out of the market anywhere in the world for 10 years. The longer your product will have the monopoly, the higher its valuation will become.


Marketing Strategy

After gaining the monopoly of the market, there should be a marketing strategy how to capture your target audience and a time frame for you to accomplish that.


Projections and Estimations

This process includes the amount of money you intend to use as well as the allocation of that money. This also includes the estimates of your profits and expenses. Although they are far from the actual figure, being able to present the financial projections and estimations for your startup will make an impact on investors.


Executive Summary

Investors don’t want to waste their time reading your detailed business plan. If they are impressed with the executive summary you present them, they will ask for the whole plan.


If you are an investor looking for opportunities in the life sciences sector, Lifesci can give you all the information you need whether it be in biotechnology, biopharma, healthcare, or microbiology.
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